Meet educational needs in a new world

Our background in education and expertise in web technology means our easy to use and quick to set up websites and Gold communication package are designed to meet your specific needs with tools that can help you teach, whether your pupils are in the classroom or at home

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Bring your School to life online

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    Interact with pupils.

    With new added features that allow teachers and pupils to upload attachments, this is also ideal for teachers to set homework and research tasks.

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    Share video and audio.

    Get more connected with parents by using a personalised channel to promote and share videos and audio. You can share learning resources for pupils or simply share what’s happening at your School.

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    Make bookings easy.

    With a booking system that allows you to schedule parents evening slots, and share automated reminders, you can keep parents up-to-date and focus admin time on other priorities.

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    Reach out with text and email.

    When you need to get a message out urgently with important information, texts reach parents in real-time. Likewise, if you need to share more detailed information quickly, an email can reach parents immediately.

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    Celebrate events.

    Our fun and engaging homepage seasonal effects feature can be used to mark important events. Turn it on or off at your preference.

Why choose PrimarySite?

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    We save you time
    • Our CMS is designed to cut admin time for Schools
    • It's quick and easy to make updates to your website
    • Intuitive management of your email, SMS, app and website
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    We help you stand out
    • We create a website that reflects your identity and values
    • Our premium designs offer a unique and personal touch
    • We offer photography, video, drone footage and more
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    We deliver great value
    • Choose from affordable template designs and fully bespoke sites
    • We offer communications packages to suit your needs
    • Trusts can receive multi-school discounts
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    We support you
    • We provide unlimited training and telephone support
    • Your project manager will guide you through every step
    • Receive free annual DfE compliance checks

Website design services for Schools & Multi-Academy Trusts

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    School websites

    Tell your school's unique story and choose from a choice of design services to fit your needs and budget

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    Trust websites

    Whether you want to scale or drive operational improvements we have the perfect website solution for you

  • Mobile App - Comms.png

    Put your school at parents' fingertips and keep in contact with them through email, SMS and mobile app

Websites that engage and inspire

Our websites are designed for maximum impact and are brought to life by either photography, videography, illustration or animation. Whether you are a Primary or Secondary School, our portfolio is the perfect place to see a range of our designs and to get inspired for your new website.


More than just websites

We can help you to unlock the online world with a powerful suite of communications tools, our mobile app and features such as our video resource centre and parents evening booking form.


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