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The team will be updating the website and the PrimarySite Content Management System ready for the start of November. We will notify all admins before any changes go live. This update will not impact how you access our platform.

Services tailored to meet your needs

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    School websites

    Tell your School's unique story and choose from a choice of design services to fit your needs and budget

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    Trust websites

    Whether you want to scale or drive operational improvements we have the perfect website solution for you

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    Looking to develop the ideal marketing toolkit? Whatever your budget, we’ll help you make an impact. 

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    Put your School at parents' fingertips and keep in contact with them through email, SMS and mobile app

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Why choose PrimarySite?

  • PrimarySite help you stand out
    We help you stand out
    • We create websites and branding that reflect your identity and values
    • Our premium designs offer a unique and personal touch
    • We can develop a tailored marketing tool kit to meet your needs
  • PrimarySite save you time
    We save you time
    • Our CMS is designed to cut admin time for Schools
    • It's quick and easy to make updates to your website
    • Intuitive management of your email, SMS, app and website
  • PrimarySite deliver great value
    We deliver great value
    • Choose from affordable template designs and fully bespoke sites
    • We offer communications packages to suit your needs
    • Trusts can receive multi-School discounts
  • PrimarySite support you
    We support you
    • We provide unlimited training and telephone support
    • Your project manager will guide you through every step
    • Receive free annual DfE compliance checks

Websites that engage and inspire

Websites by PrimarySite are designed for maximum impact and are brought to life by either photography, videography, illustration or animation. Whether you are a Primary or Secondary School or a Trust, our portfolio is the perfect place to see a range of our designs and to get inspired for your new website.

Websites designed by PrimarySite

Marketing and branding as unique as you

We offer a range of specialist branding and marketing services tailored exactly to your needs. Our expertise in education and marketing means that we can develop branding and communication tools that really bring to life the vision and values of your Trust or School.

Marketing by PrimarySite

Fast and easy communication

We can help you to unlock the online world with a powerful suite of communications tools, our mobile app and features such as our video resource centre and parents evening booking form.

Communication Tools by PrimarySite

Latest from our blog

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    'Merging Trusts for Sustainable Growth’

    We’d like to invite you to join Trust leaders for a free webinar about the role mergers can play in enabling growth. ‘Merging for sustainable growth – the challenges and opportunities’ is on Thursday 26th November from 1 pm to 2.30 pm. We are delighted that Stephen Morales, CEO of the Institute of School Business Leadership, will give the keynote.

  • accessibility header image.jpg
    The importance of having an accessible website

    At least 1 in 5 people in the UK have a long term illness, impairment or disability and many more have a temporary disability which can make it incredibly difficult, if not impossible to access online content. Amanda Matthews is the accessibility lead at PrimarySite and is passionate about supporting and educating clients to deliver a positive user experience for their website visitors.

  • engaging.width-800.jpg
    3 ways to successfully communicate with your Trust stakeholders

    Great communication is an important part of having a well-connected organisation and is something of value to the trusts and schools that we work with. It encourages an open dynamic and shows that you are invested in the success of their success. Setting up a good communication dynamic is not straightforward and requires both parties to be involved to make it work.