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According to a survey conducted in January 2015, 98% of schools agree (or strongly agree) that our PrimarySite website is easy to use and saves us time compared to the website(s) we used previously.

We know that your school needs a website that is quick and easy for all staff to update. Our founder, a primary school teacher for more than 10 years, was frustrated with not being able to upload content to the website himself. That's why our website updating system for schools has been specifically developed to be used by all staff, regardless of their level of ICT expertise.

Our system is highly intuitive and uses simple icons to add different types of content which saves valuable staff time. Schools have been particularly impressed with how easy it is to bulk upload photographs as they resize automatically.

5 minutes is all you need to try our easy-to-use website updating system with one of our dedicated School Website Consultants - fill in our short form and request a demo today.

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Simplicity is key...

We're all constantly learning, but getting your head around a complex new website updating system is the last thing anyone needs, that's why we've made ours so simple!

Anyone can use it...

Our straight forward website updating system is easy to use, even for those with the most basic IT understanding. If you can attach a file to an email, you'll find it very easy.

Frequently update content...

Have you found the content on your website perhaps isn't refreshed as often as you'd like? Hurdles such as a complex updating system don't encourage regular content, so we've made ours quick and easy. Try it for yourself!

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