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    Merging Trusts for Sustainable Growth’ Webinar

    We’d like to invite you to join Trust leaders for a free webinar about the role mergers can play in enabling growth.

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    Employee Spotlight – Sarah Fox-Measures, Training Co-ordinator

    Sarah has been with PrimarySite for over 3 years as a Training Co-ordinator. A pivotal role in providing dedicated training has allowed her customers to utilise all the features and benefits of their websites, saving them valuable time and money along the way.

    Here Sarah talks about the qualities that are important to be successful in her role.

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    The importance of having an accessible website

    At least 1 in 5 people in the UK have a long term illness, impairment or disability and many more have a temporary disability which can make it incredibly difficult, if not impossible to access online content. Amanda Matthews is the accessibility lead at PrimarySite and is passionate about supporting and educating clients to deliver a positive user experience for their website visitors.

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    Employee Spotlight – Trudy Parsons, Regional Account Manager

    Trudy Parsons joined PrimarySite in 2015 and works as a Regional Account Manager. Here Trudy talks about her role, how its changed during Covid and the joy of finding a job she loves.

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    Employee Spotlight – Karl Fry, Creative Manager

    Karl Fry joined PrimarySite in 2015 as their Creative Manager and heads up the design team responsible for creating all School and Trust websites. He talks about the importance of branding and the most rewarding parts of his role. 

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    3 ways to successfully communicate with your Trust stakeholders

    Great communication is an important part of having a well-connected organisation and is something of value to the trusts and schools that we work with. It encourages an open dynamic and shows that you are invested in the success of their success. Setting up a good communication dynamic is not straightforward and requires both parties to be involved to make it work.

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    National survey uncovers teachers' top 3 concerns in the staged return to the classroom

    A survey of 62 Schools from across the UK was carried out in July by PrimarySite (the UK's largest supplier of educational websites) to uncover the main challenges facing teachers in the staged return to the classroom, and some of the positive long-term outcomes.

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    Employee Spotlight - Dale Fahey, Client Relationship Manager

    Having worked at PrimarySite for nearly 8 years in a variety of roles, Dale has a wealth of knowledge in the education sector. Here Dale talks about the importance of relationships and how Covid-19 has encouraged his customers to embrace video technology.

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    Top 3 tips for leading a Trust

    Effective School leadership was defined by our recent survey responses as engaging, inspiring and innovative. So what does this mean in practical terms? Read our top tips for creating a clear vision for your Trust.

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