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    World Book Day 2019: Five of the best free audiobooks for Primary School children

    As well as allowing children to spend their book token on any audiobook worth over £2.99, there are a number of complete audiobooks that are available for free on the World Book Day website.

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    Why have a school website?

    Although many schools first established themselves online to meet statutory requirements, the benefits of having a good website have since evolved beyond this.

  • Why-have-a-school-website-small.jpg
    What makes a good school website?

    Ultimately, many elements go into producing a good school website, but here are five key things to get right.

  • website-impact-small.jpg
    How to make an instant impact with your school website homepage

    We look at four ways schools can design their homepage to achieve an impact through the use of photography, illustration and video.

  • social-images-small.jpg
    How to make your school’s social media posts more engaging

    Many schools want to improve their social media but are struggling to find time to do so, here we discuss why including more visual content is key.

  • web-security-small.png
    Staying safe online: 10 digital threats to your school defined

    With the growing importance for school staff and pupils to understand how to stay safe online, we have created a list of ten common security threats and explained each one.

  • web-design-ux2.png
    What is user experience and what does it mean for school websites?

    In this article we are going to talk about what user experience is and why your school should care about it.

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    How to attract prospective parents through your school website

    The school website has become a vital platform for prospective parents researching schools, here are five steps that can be taken to better attract them.

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    Avoiding data protection breaches in schools: Eight things you need to get right

    Creating a positive and proactive data protection culture within your school doesn’t need to be a difficult or time-consuming process

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