Changes to Department for Education website requirements

At PrimarySite we know how important it is that schools (in England) are aware of any changes to the DfE’s requirements of what information schools must publish online.

We produce our own free checklists for maintained schools and academies to help them remain compliant with these requirements.

On 1 November 2016, the DfE made a slight change to its Guidance, as follows:

Admission arrangements
Foundation schools and voluntary-aided schools

If the school's governing body decides your admissions, you must publish your school's admission arrangements each year and keep them up for the whole year.

You must explain:

  • How you'll consider applications for every age group
  • What parents should do if they want to apply for their child to attend your school
  • Your arrangements for selecting the pupils who apply
  • Your 'over-subscription criteria' (how you offer places if there are more applicants than places)
  • How parents can find out about your school's admission arrangements through your local authority

Community schools and voluntary-controlled schools

If the local authority decides your admissions, write that parents should contact the local authority to find out about your admission arrangements. 

As well as our checklists of what information schools are required to publish online, we also produce a handy 'best practice' guide to other content that schools may want to consider including on their websites. 

To receive your free copy, please email us at: with the subject line 'Free website checklist', your school's name and postcode and which of the following checklist(s) you need:

  • Primary School DfE Checklist
  • Primary Academy and Free School DfE Checklist
  • School Website Extras Checklist

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