Key Dates For Your School

12th October 2016

Taken from: Timeline for local-authority-maintained schools: mandatory

1 September 2016: publishing pupil premium strategy online

From 1 September 2016, maintained schools are required, through the School Information (England) Regulations, to publish online their pupil premium strategy including evidence and rationale used. Further information and voluntary templates are available for guidance.


1 September 2016: school complaints procedure to be published online

Following recent amendments to the School Information (England) Regulations 2008, from 1 September 2016, all local-authority-maintained schools must publish their complaints procedures online. Advice on school complaints procedures is available.


1 September 2016: Ofqual’s national reference test

From 1 September 2016, local-authority-maintained secondary schools must take part in Ofqual’s national reference test (NRT), if selected. Ofqual has appointed the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) as its test supplier. NFER will contact selected schools in September.


1 September 2016: revised statutory guidance – ‘Children missing education’

The DfE has published revised statutory guidance: ‘Children missing education’. The revised guidance will help schools and local authorities to comply with the recent changes to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006. Read more about the consultation on the changes.

Statutory guidance sets out what schools and local authorities must do to comply with the law.


5 September 2016: updated safeguarding guidance

The revised ‘Keeping children safe in education (KCSIE)’ guidance comes into force on 5 September 2016.


9 September 2016: what schools must publish online

The DfE has updated guidance on what local-authority-maintained schools must publish online. In particular, there are changes to the performance measures that schools must publish.


September 2016: School teachers’ pay and conditions

Schools need to ensure that their pay and appraisal policies are updated to reflect the new pay arrangements set out in the School teachers’ pay and conditions document (STPCD) 2016.

These policies need to state how schools will:

·         -use performance-related progression as the basis for all pay decisions

·         -adapt their pay policy to meet their local recruitment and retention needs

More information on teachers’ pay is available.


2 November 2016: school census deadline

Schools should contact their local authority to find out the deadline for submitting their school census data to them. Data must be submitted no later than 2 November 2016. Data from the census is used to determine how much funding you will receive. Guidance on submitting school census return is available.


Autumn 2016: governance – new guidance

New guidance to explain what information governing bodies must provide to us about their governors will appear in the autumn term update of the governance handbook. The duty came into force on 1 September 2016.


2 December 2016: school workforce census deadline

The school workforce census is a snapshot of staffing levels at schools on 3 November 2016. Schoolls can contact their local authority to find out the deadline for submitting their school workforce census data to them. Guidance on submitting school workforce census returns is available.


April 2017: gender pay differences

All large employers (with 250 or more employees) are required to report on gender pay differences from April 2017. The regulations and supporting guidance, due to be published early in 2017 will set out what information employers will need to publish. A public consultation was launched on 18 August 2016 seeking views on how the proposals will apply to public sector organisations.

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