Why content is king for your school website

Friday, 16 March 2018 | Written by PrimarySite

The expression, 'content is king' was famously coined way back in 1996 by Microsoft founder and CEO Bill Gates.

Bill Gates understood the importance of having relevant information available to his customers on their company website - “Customers will come to our website in unbelievable numbers and find out everything we want them to know.”

But what does this mean to you and why is it important to your school?

A website is no longer seen as a luxury but is very much a necessity which makes that comment more important than ever. In fact, statistics show from Jan to Mar 2017, 89% of adults in the UK had recently used the internet. So, what are the benefits of keeping relevant and up to date content on your school website?

Keep it fresh

It’s vital to keep your school website up to date, by not doing so your website will quickly become dated and visitors to your school website will be disappointed to see old information. A by-product of regularly updating your website content and information is that it improves communication and engagement with your parents and carers. Engagement, in a nutshell is what your website visitors click, view, watch or comment on, so basically what they’re interested in. Consider it like watching TV, if your visitors aren’t interested in what they’re seeing, they’ll change channel. This is the same for your website, you need to keep your parents, carers and wider stakeholders engaged.

Sinead Kirk, Deputy Head Teacher at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School highlights the importance of keeping her school website up to date: “We believe that a school’s website is a window to the school – a place where parents or prospective parents can keep up to date with everything that is happening in the school and, most importantly, with their child’s learning.”

Parental Engagement

We understand the importance of parental interaction between your school’s activities and learning with your pupils at home. There are lots of ways that your school website can help facilitate the interaction further still.

So, using the TV analogy again, updating and sharing content and information that your parents will be interested in, such as, pupil’s work, school plays, school trips, sports days etc, it will help maintain engagement from parents. Communication tools such as Apps, video resource platforms (perfect for sharing school plays or sports days) and blogging are great additional ways to reach your parents.

Carole Toothill at Alwoodly Primary School in Leeds said "The video resource platform allows us to not only celebrate our school, achievements and day-to-day learning life but provides an excellent school-home-parent link. Our children love showing their parents, grandparents and family what they are doing in school and helps to bring their learning to life"

Meet Ofsted & DfE Requirements

Aside from the sharing the latest school news, there is also the statutory Ofsted and DfE requirements to consider. Find out more information on Ofsted & DfE requirements.

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