Five simple ways you can keep your school website content up to date

Thursday, 13 December 2018 | Written by Jonathan Wallis-Leggett; Digital Marketing Manager at PrimarySite

Building a better level of engagement with parents in an affordable way is a key priority for many schools, a website is a perfect place to do this.

To make a website reach its full potential though, it needs regular attention. Parents are only going to revisit if they know a website is going to be updated regularly with relevant content. Potential parents considering a school also give good reason to keep a website up to date as it is often one of the first places they will go to find information and get an idea of what the school’s day to day life is like.

It is easy to say that schools need to keep their website up to date, but there is the issue of time, a precious resource to any school, many can struggle to find the time to invest in their website and as a result, are not fulfilling their full potential.

There are however a few quick and simple things you can add to your website on a regular basis to keep it fresh and up to date. Below, we look at five of these ways.

1. Updates and announcements


People are using the internet to find information more than ever before and parents are no different; when it comes to staying up to date with news and announcements coming from the school, the website is a vital resource. Updates don’t have to be long, or in depth, they don’t even need producing from scratch if you are already sending them out through email, mobile or print, they need to be kept short and simple, containing the important information you need parents to know.

2. Newsletters


If you are already producing a newsletter that frequently goes out to parents, it is a quick win to add these to your website as well. This way anyone who misses the newsletter or misplaces it can easily go online and find it, it also gives potential new parents a great preview of the kind of communications that are sent out from the school. You don’t even need to add each newsletter as a unique page, if you have a newsletter section of your website, simply add each newsletter as a PDF.

3. Calendar


The good thing about this type of content is that it practically creates itself from the day to day activity in and around your school, all you need to do is add your upcoming events to your website. An up to date calendar does not demand much time dedicated to it and needs a quick bit of attention every now and then to add anything new.

4. Class and year pages

Class page.PNG

At this point, we are moving into updates that might take a little more time but allow more room for creativity and will let your school’s unique voice shine. Class or year pages are a great way to engage parents with the school beyond checking online for practical things like dates and announcements and show off the life and personality of the school. Furthermore, it can be great for giving potential parents a chance to see what happens in the classroom.

Class page 2.PNG

Keeping this up to date can be a fun exercise that involves the class or year group as well and gives them a chance to get involved with writing about what they have learnt. Many schools like to show photos here, link to useful resources for homework, share their curriculums and much more.

5. Photos and videos

Whether you are adding them to a news item, a class page or your video resource library, photos and videos can add life to your website and make it much more engaging. With a video library, you can also be truly creative as there are so many different ways you can use such a tool. This time of year, it’s perfect for videos from your Christmas plays, but it’s also a great place for learning and homework resources, videos from school trips and much more.

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