Six top tips for communicating with parents

Thursday, 02 November 2017 | Written by PrimarySite

At PrimarySite, we understand the evolving opportunities and challenges for schools and the enormous value that web technology can offer.

With this in mind, let’s look at six top tips, helping you with communicating with parents

1. Regular updates

Regularly updating your school website is crucial to keeping your parents and carers informed and engaged. Having static and out of date information decreases engagement with them and will impact on their future involvement. This is reflected in our recent customer survey, with 65% of our customers strongly agreeing that their website helps them communicate the vision and values of their school. Fortunately, at PrimarySite we’ve created a website updating system with, and specifically for, schools. It’s genuinely easy to set up and enables you to update content at the click of a button!

2. Mobile-friendly

PrimarySite websites are fully responsive, meaning they are compatible across all devices. Whether your visitors are using a PC, tablet, laptop or smart phone, our websites respond to each device, meaning none of your important updates will be missed. In fact, 53% of parents now view their children’s school website on a mobile device, highlighting the importance of having a fully responsive website.

3. App-solutely brilliant

Our new schools app allows parents and carers to receive your school’s latest news on the move. They can opt in to receive push notifications via the app, enabling news and events to be communicated quickly, easily and effectively. All of which helps with parental engagement and involvement!

4. Be social

Social media now plays a huge part in modern life. In January 2017, the UK had 32 million Facebook registered users and 18 million Twitter users. So why not make the most of this free tool and publish updates to your school’s social accounts?

We understand the daily time constraints you face so we’ve built a smart feature into our website updating system. This enables you to quickly update your social media platforms via your PrimarySite website.

5. Looking the part

First impressions are crucial. Creating the right impression is key to engaging with your existing parents, carers and pupils and attracting prospective new ones too. We understand the external pressures schools face from governing bodies such as Ofsted. In our recent survey, 96% of our customers agreed or strongly agreed that their website helps give the right impression of their school to Ofsted.

We also understand the importance of your school’s identity. Every school has its own identity, badge and school motto. As part of your website design, we include everything that makes your school unique. We have a skilled team of web designers who will incorporate your individual requirements and ideas into the design and build process.

6. Save time, save money

The school website and app help you keep your audiences informed efficiently and effectively without taking up lots of your valuable staff time. Another benefit of all these positive features is that they can also save you significant time and money.

Our customers told us they save nearly 100 hours per academic year with their website, mainly because it’s quicker and easier to update information on their PrimarySite website and it saves time handling enquiries.

Our customers also reported their websitessaved them on average £2,200 per academic year, on things like running the photocopier for letters and newsletters as most information can go on the website instead.

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