3 steps to creating a clear vision for your Trust

Friday, 19 June 2020 | Written by Rachel Panther, Managing Director, PrimarySite

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Overcoming the unknowns and challenges ahead on your journey as a Trust is dependent on your ability to clearly define and implement a vision that compels your leaders and team, and engages your stakeholders and Schools.

1. Define who you are and who you want to attract

Finding, defining and knowing your unique position in this market is critical for your growth strategy. Growing your Trust depends on being clear about who you want to attract to your Trust and knowing exactly what they need from you.

“This means making the vision part of daily MAT life, and part of every conversation for your leaders,” said Stephen Morales, CEO of the Institute of School Business Leadership. “It also means engaging them in defining the vision, from the start of the process. It will also help you to get specific on your vision and strategy, and support the implementation of it. You will have supporters who are also co-creators.”

2. Design the end goal

Being clear about your vision, especially during these uncertain times, will increase your chances of attracting more Schools to your Trust.

“No one way works for all Trusts. And not one way is the only way for your Trust. While Trusts should be careful to be specific with their vision – including defining their plans for market penetration, expansion, product expansion, diversification and acquisition – they should also not depend on one tactic or way to get there.” advises Stephen.

3. Align your vision with your values

Growth at all costs is in the past. “Long gone are the days of ‘greed is good’. And in particular, in the education sector, values are a dependency,” said Stephen. “Research shows that School Trusts only grow when the ‘right Schools’ become available. The best question to ask is: how have we defined who are are the right Schools, based on our ethos?”

This means aligning your vision and values with your stakeholders too. Engagement with your stakeholders and team – your communication strategy and planning – makes all the difference to opportunities for growth. Getting the conversation going, both internally and externally, ensures your Trust can flex and adapt to the unknowns and challenges as they come along.

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