Top 3 tips for leading a Trust

Wednesday, 19 August 2020 | Written by Rachel Panther, Managing Director, PrimarySite

Trust leadership

Effective School leadership was defined by our recent survey responses as engaging, inspiring and innovative. So what does this mean in practical terms? First and foremost you need to have the right board, one that has a broad mix of skills and experience and a strong understanding of their accountability. With this strong foundation in place here are our top tips for creating a clear vision for your Trust.

1) Agility

Clear metrics and structure are vital for defining the strategic direction of a Trust – and it is equally as important to be nimble and flexible. As a leader, your own skills and capabilities must grow and adapt, and so should the team around you.

Change is inevitable, especially with policy and funding for Schools, so being comfortable with the need to move quickly and differently is essential to success and improvement. It also means focusing on succession planning to progress your team, which increases your chances of retaining good staff and developing the right skills sets for success.

2) Collaboration

Creating a clear vision by connecting with other School leaders outside of the Trust, as well as within and with the board, is another critical success factor. This will give you a well-rounded view to inform your decision making.

And by staying close to leaders outside of your Trust, you can more effectively work with local authorities and other Trusts. You can also learn from their challenges and mistakes, and create a clear delineation between your offering and theirs.

3) Communication

Nurturing a positive culture encourages continuous improvement and growth, and this can only come from investing in communication.

Set up solid lines of communication, with defined channels and regular contact. This will help you to stay connected with what’s happening ‘on the ground’ and to see where you can add value to the Trust.

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