Employee Spotlight – Sarah Fox-Measures, Training Co-ordinator

Tuesday, 06 October 2020 | Written by Nick Rawson, Marketing Manager, PrimarySite

Sarah has been with PrimarySite for over 3 years as a Training Co-ordinator. A pivotal role in providing dedicated training has allowed her customers to utilise all the features and benefits of their websites, saving them valuable time and money along the way.

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Most of my days are dedicated to speaking to our existing and new customers, providing 1-2-1 training on their website. Their website is a window into their school, and it’s where most parents start their relationship with their child’s school, and I want my customers to feel comfortable and confident when they’re using it, and give them reassurance that we’re here to support them. My role starts once the website is launched, helping a wide range of customers from across the whole school; from teachers and support staff looking to add content onto a class page; to School Business Managers and office managers needing to use their PrimarySite communications features to contact parents. Their website is often their primary communication tool with parents and other external contacts.

Same challenge, different location.Like so many, COVID has meant some big changes in the way we have been working, so gone is the busy, energised office atmosphere (for now), and replaced with homeworking. Technological advances have allowed me to continue to deliver dedicated one-to-one training sessions, attend important all-company briefing meetings on product updates and give individual support to a wide range of clients. Apart from my inquisitive pet cat occasionally making a guest appearance, I am pleased to say my role has continued in the safety of my home.

My colleagues would describe me as hard-working, kind and empathetic. I’m driven to provide the highest level of professional support possible, using my experience to listen to the needs of my customers. As a parent, I’m aware we’re surrounded by a myriad of IT solutions these days, but using a school website, the school app etc and being responsible for them, can be very different and daunting for many. So, as a parent, patience and empathy to support are key characteristics that support my customers.

My previous experience has helped me to understand the key challenges Schools and Trusts face.Before joining PrimarySite I completed a teaching course, working with young people and adults, supporting them to get back to work. This experience has given me a unique insight into the responsibilities and stresses teachers face, whilst enabling me to offer useful suggestions and ideas for supporting them in their day-to-day role.

When I’m not being a busy full-time working mum, I enjoy socialising with friends and visiting new places.When my daytime job ends, being a mum starts! At the weekend, when ballet, tap dancing and swimming lessons have finished, I enjoy visiting friends, getting out and about, and sitting down with a good book and glass of something chilled!

Launching a brand-new help section is definitely one of my greatest achievements.Part of my role at PrimarySite has involved launching a dedicated help section for customers. We had never had this capability or facility before, but it felt like a must-have to better equip our customers. Setting out the goal, getting back to the basics and learning our products and systems, and creating a customer-focused learning environment kept me very busy, but the feedback and usage statistics have proved it was worth it.

Hearing about how I’ve impacted someone’s way of working is extremely rewarding.I love being able to make something that our customers find difficult, easy to use and give them the skills and confidence they need to achieve it themselves. Helping Schools save money is also a great part of my job.

Looking to the future, it would be great to have a training team or department.I like being around people, talking and sharing ideas and knowing how people work and so a training team that I could help shape, manage and grow would be great.

I have a few favourite quotes but one that seems very relevant would be:‘Tough times never last, but tough people do.’ Robert H Shuller.

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