Employee Spotlight – Trudy Parsons, Regional Account Manager

Tuesday, 06 October 2020 | Written by Nick Rawson, Marketing Manager, PrimarySite

Trudy Parsons joined PrimarySite in 2015 and works as a Regional Account Manager. Here Trudy talks about her role, how it's changed during COVID and the joy of finding a job she loves.

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I help Schools ensure their website design reflects their personality and showcases their unique strengths.Website reviews are the foundation of a typical week for me and my core role is to develop sustainable relationships which support customer retention and generate opportunities for building on the tools PrimarySite can provide. Looking after all the maintained Schools within my region I help with ideas for website navigation and signposting, review the school communication features to ensure they are working to their full potential and I also check for statutory compliance.

I enjoy reaching out to my Schools and send a newsletter every half term.This is always really well-read and is not at all sales focussed. I believe in getting to know my School contacts and offering amazing customer service. This, in turn, builds trust. My role is currently home-based due to COVID but aside from missing my fabulous colleagues, I’ve been able to work exactly as I did in the office. School teams have had to work quickly to adjust to a new way of working and my role is very much one of support; offering ideas, solutions and training as and when it is needed along with sharing best practice.

I found a job I just love. Before joining PrimarySite I worked in the advertising world for twenty years which was extremely fast-paced. I had to take a year out to recover from a medical condition and that is when I saw the role at PrimarySite and applied. When I came for the interview, I was very honest about my previous health situation and PrimarySite still went ahead and gave me the opportunity to change direction with them. The company understand that people are different, and they actively recruit people who will not only fit with the team but who will also embrace our company values. There are so many different age groups and personalities at PrimarySite which makes it a really vibrant place to work.

Each School is different, each person I speak with is different and every situation is different – that's what I love the most. After working in advertising it’s a joy to be talking to teachers and small business teams. Although selling is a key part of my role, I am able to do that through being the person I am and supporting and understanding my customer's unique needs. Communicating and listening, alongside the drive to put the customer at the centre of all I do is how I work. Schools are not businesses, but they are in the business of education. Schools are full of passionate people who put the education of their pupils above all else and accepting this simple fact has enabled me to adjust my approach.

My background has always been in sales, and I still love the buzz and excitement of achieving a target and being part of a team; but for me, a School taking the time to write a fabulous review on Feefo about their experience with me will always be the most rewarding.

My family, nature, and riding with my husband on our Triumph Rocket 3 motorbike are my biggest passions outside of work.Riding is an exhilarating, fun and very sociable past time and when COVID is over we plan to go on another trip around Europe.

Where do I see myself in five years’ time? I would like to think I will still be with PrimarySite. I’m a great believer in things happening for a reason and am in a place where I’m happy to embrace whatever comes my way, but I truly love my role and the people I work with and I know how lucky I am to be able to say this with conviction.

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