Our easy to update websites could save you 93 hours

Wednesday, 15 April 2020 | Written by Helen Flisher - Client Relationship Manager

Reliable website admin – made simple

Understanding our customers is at the heart of everything we do. PrimarySite was founded by School Teacher Geoff Millington almost 18 years ago, Geoff’s understanding of the daily challenges faced by schools gave PrimarySite plenty of scope for new ideas. Our purpose-built Content Management System (CMS) was the first innovation, making school communications via the website simple, fast and efficient.

We speak to prospective customers all the time about their websites and how they are updated. The most common issues schools have with managing their websites are adding images or documents easily, these are usually stored in a library within the website, this is a time consuming and unnecessary process. Our CMS works very differently. We only edit the page you wish to change, so building pages has never been easier, simpler ort quicker. We also find that some CMS platforms are vulnerable to hacking or aren’t secure, however, our infrastructure is robust and also reliable to withstand periods of very high traffic volumes as it has during the global coronavirus pandemic.

CMS in an instant

Our CMS has developed over the years to ensure that schools can update their websites in just a few seconds. We know the importance of having a mobile responsive website as we have blogged about this before, (to find out more, please click here). However our CMS is also mobile responsive, this means you can update your website from your mobile or tablet, so teachers can upload content to their class pages instantly even whilst out on residentials and important news updates can be shared instantly.

Endless support

Even though our system is so easy to use, we do offer unlimited support and training throughout the lifetime of our customer's websites. Other forms of support include an annual website review with our dedicated team of Account Managers, this is completely free to all our customers. We cover communications & functionality, DfE compliance and best practice.

Let’s prove it!

Did you know, your school could update your policies in fewer than 8 clicks? Additionally, schools have saved 93 hours of administration time which means more time to focus on other priorities.

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During the coronavirus pandemic, our schools' websites saw over 1.8 million views and in places, we had to increase capacity to about 15 times normal to ensure every school remained online.

To find out more about our CMS please get in touch!

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