3 ways to successfully communicate with your Trust stakeholders

Tuesday, 01 September 2020 | Written by Rachel Panther, Managing Director, PrimarySite


Great communication is an important part of having a well-connected organisation and is something of great value to the Trusts and Schools that we work with. It encourages an open dynamic and shows that you are invested in the success of their success. Setting up a good communication dynamic is not straightforward and requires both parties to be involved to make it work.

Here are three steps to achieving successful communication with your Trust’s stakeholders:

Prevent communication breakdowns

This may sound easier said than done, but as long as you consistently follow these steps it will help to keep the regularity of your communication as strong as is can be.

  • Always be clear about who does what

Have a conversation with your School to show them what they need to do when joining your Trust. Creating a sense of clarity from the get-go allows for a mutual understanding between you and them. If everyone knows what they are meant to be doing, it will be done well.

  • Set up your communications thoughtfully

Take time to consider all the options when setting up good communications with your Schools. Think about the size and structure of your Schools, and what would be a best fit for them. What works for a smaller School, will not always work for a larger one.

  • Come up with a strategy

Make sure your communications strategy suits the channels, tools and audiences you are catering to. This also means putting time and planning into the active communication and engagement activities that will support the aims for growth. Creating a strategy and keeping it will support what you want to achieve.

Make your brand standout

The first impression of your Schools and Trust is important, as you want to show the great things they have to offer.

  • Collaborate for your best branding approach

Seek out help from your stakeholders to find the best way to brand and show clearly the intentions and aims of your Trust and Schools. This will help to define the type of identity you have. It could be that all Schools are aligned by the same brand identity or that they are unique.

  • Clearly communicate the approach

Communicate with all the Schools and stakeholders what your intentions of the branding approach will be. This should be setting a clear set of guidelines in how to achieve the ideal branding, the steps you can take to get there and promoting what already seems to be working.

  • Get branding advice

Make sure you seek professional advice from an expert on how to brand for your Schools identity. Getting good branding that will last the test of its time will provide benefits to you in the short-term and in the long-term.

Keep your digital updated

Having a strong online presence is important for providing easy access for the public to get information about you. Making your Schools and Trust accessible allows for a stronger connection for communication across the board.

  • Invest in a website

Investing in a specialist education website allows you to provide plentiful home learning tools and communication tools for your Schools. This makes your Schools’ and students’ lives a lot easier.

  • Vision, value and identity

Make it clear on your website what you stand for and what you have to offer. An easy-to-use website will engage your audiences and will help to promote the drivers for your growth.

  • Encourage recruitment

Your website should be a place that encourages recruitment of staff, Schools and parents. It should also hold the attention of its many stakeholders with engaging communications.

  • Get an education specialist

An education specialist can give you advice on all your branding, marketing and educational technologies. They can help to support your growth, assist in your operations running smoother and make your budgets work harder for you.

Scalable, tailored solutions, whatever stage you are at

PrimarySite are the experts in providing end-to-end marketing solutions for trusts. We build distinctive branding that reflects your vision and combines the brand strategies of your trust and member academies. Our services are scalable and tailored to meet your trust’s exact needs, at any point on your journey. With digital platforms that are designed to flex and grow as you do and our knowledge and experience, we can save you time and help you better manage compliance.

Contact us now on 01636 616 640 or hello@primarysite.net

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