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You can now update your school website on mobile!

In response to feedback from many of our schools, we have made the PrimarySite updating system responsive so you can edit your school’s web pages on the move.

Check out some of the main changes :

Live mobile updates

Whether you’re out at sports events, trips or residentials, you can now upload your latest pictures and news immediately from your mobile devices. No more having to wait until you get back to an office PC!

Updating off-site

If staff are working off-site or travelling between sites, they can also use their smartphones or tablets to update the school website, saving them valuable time.

Parental engagement

With this ability to update your school website quickly and easily from mobile devices, you can help keep parents and carers more up to date and engaged with your latest news, events and activities. We hope you’ll agree, this really is exciting news!

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If you have questions about these updates, you can contact our customer support team on 01636 616 630

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