Your School is Closed – What Now?

Tuesday, 24 March 2020 | Written by None

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Last week has seen an unprecedented situation unfold in this country which has had a significant impact on our entire education system. After the announcement of school closures on Wednesday, we know that you have been working tirelessly to get things set up for your children and families before the widespread closure of schools. We have been doing our very best to support you throughout the process. We have set up our Home Learning Solution, we handled a whopping 3,300 calls in the last week alone and increased our server capacity to over ten times its usual size to help deal with the enormous spikes in extra traffic to school websites.

Home learning

Your children will be adjusting to a new way of learning as they adapt to having lessons in their home environment. Here at PrimarySite, we have created our Home Learning Solution and over 1,000 schools have already signed up. This learning platform incorporates our Video Resource Centre and our School Blog so that you can film lessons, set tasks and enter into two-way dialogue with your classes. Earlier this week, we blogged about potential uses of the Video Resource Centre here. Teachers in a variety of ways can use the blog - to set tasks for children, add pictures of worksheets or activities or even as a whole school diary to log your communities’ experiences throughout this event that will go down in the history books. Children can also add their own blogging entries to share with the school community or wider audiences should you choose.

You can also use your main website to support home learning. Don’t forget that you can add text, documents, pictures, links and videos to your website pages. Think about adding content either to existing class pages or create a new Home Learning page to centralise your resources. If you’ve got communication options enabled on your website, you can contact parents via your chosen channel to let them know how to access home learning or to attach documents to support children at home. If you’re looking to get this element of your website working for you, please contact us to explore options.


While the school doors may have closed to most children temporarily, communication with parents and carers is now more important than ever so that they feel informed about what is going on. Parents who are vital workers or families with vulnerable children will want to know about arrangements for supporting their children in school through this challenging time. Other members of your school community will want to be kept up to date about home learning, free school meal options and dates for reopening, for example. Think about updating your Coronavirus page regularly to keep critical information in one place. Don’t forget to update your school calendar now that school is closed. Think about keeping adults in the loop by continuing to create regular newsletters and Latest News items. If your school are keen social media users with a large following, keep this channel updated and link to it via your website.

Here at PrimarySite, we have been gearing up to support you through these challenging times. Our team will be working from home to ensure that our excellent level of customer support is maintained throughout this period. We are continuing to increase our capacity and are monitoring usage of our systems so that we can keep your websites and communication tools operational.

Please reach out to us for any support needed with your website. We want to help you and your communities, and we are only a phone call or email away.

We wish you all the best and hope that you stay safe.

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