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Since 2010 North Lakes School have been working with us for their school website. They have recently launched their latest website with us.

Here, Martyn Soulsby, the Computing & eSafety subject leader at North Lakes, talks about his experience with us.


We chose PrimarySite initially because of the design and layout. We liked what they offered and felt that the platform could be customised to suit our needs. It was important to us that our site was unique with a design that represented us and the area in which we lived. Our first PrimarySite website had over 250,000 visitors.  We were then keen to make the site even more accessible with a new mobile friendly design at the same time as giving it a makeover with new fonts and features. Overall, our new website has been a huge success and recently received its 50,000th visitor! 

Managing the website

We have links to our social media as well as our FrogLearn site. Our website acts as an online prospectus. We receive huge complements about our website and it plays a pivotal role in any projects we take part in. It also forms an online archive for all pupils past and present as we archive all material. It's where all North Lakes’ memories are stored!  

Our website is incredibly easy to update and it is constantly getting easier thanks to the innovative approach that PrimarySite have - updating and uploading is just like adding attachments to emails!  At North Lakes, our website is managed centrally but everyone contributes; it's important that one person has an overview to ensure quality control of the site and ensure that safeguarding is maintained and that the quality of images follows our eSafety policy.   We constantly change the themes and our team points are updated weekly – this maintains a freshness to the site and means there is always something new for the children to see. 

The support that PrimarySite offer is extremely efficient and quick which really helps when you are in a busy school environment.


The feedback from parents and children has been great, in fact, they love it and it has become their first point of call for all information about school. Visitors come to the website to view all our slideshows, videos, sound clips and our Newsletter flip books are also embedded into the site.  

Many new parents view our website before making the decision to send their children to our school and it is often mentioned by visitors, prospective candidates and visiting practitioners when they arrive at the school. 

Take a look at the North Lakes Website here.

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