Norbridge Academy School's New Website

Norbridge Academy in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, has been consistently recognised for the progress made by their pupils and is currently deemed “outstanding” by Ofsted.

Camilla Mercer, assistant headteacher at the school discusses how their website has been reimagined.

Why PrimarySite?

This is our third website with PrimarySite, and we’ve always been really happy with the service we’ve received. In our most recent redesign, we wanted something a bit more corporate and professional than the cartoon designs we’ve had before. What’s nice about PrimarySite is that the team will listen to what you want and need, and then signpost examples of other sites with similar ideas and formats for you to look at and see how they work.

There are a lot of requirements for school websites now in terms of the information that must be published. We worked very closely with PrimarySite during the development of the website and they were really helpful in making sure that all the material that you must and might want to include is present.

What do you use the website for?

We use the website as a window for parents and the community; we host everything, from our weekly newsletter and diary dates, to photos from trips. There are a number of us who update the content of the website, and everyone including teachers, assistants and governors also upload material to the pages.

The website is incredibly easy to use, clear to navigate and quick to edit. If a teacher or assistant has some examples of student artwork, they can take photos and have them uploaded in moments. It doesn’t need a dedicated technician to manage all the content: the only challenge is remembering your password!

Once you’re logged into the website, everything is straightforward. Recently, I managed to tidy up the site, remove some irrelevant content and upload some new material in the space of about 10 minutes, so it is incredibly simple and we haven’t had any disruptions to the service.

Norbridge Academy

Has it improved community relationships?

I think it definitely has improved community relations. The menus are very clear, so if someone was looking for the calendar or other information from the school, it’s apparent right away. We keep everything regularly updated so that everyone is well informed, including parents, prospective parents and other members of the community. The most recent redesign is also mobile friendly, which is how most people are accessing the website.

Any other points?

We are really happy with the team’s work and we’ll probably do another redesign soon to keep it looking fresh. The customer service is fantastic. If I send an email, it’s responded to almost immediately, and there’s always someone to talk to on the phone!


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