Mobile and Communications

Effective digital communication is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we have created communication tools that allow you to easily update your website and manage your school communications from one place.

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    Cut down on admin time and save money with our easy to use email system

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    Make your parental engagement easier and more effective with our text messaging system

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    Mobile App

    A powerful app that automatically updates through your website and allows you to send free messages to individuals and groups

Communication Packages

Features and benefits:
  • A basic website updating system (text editing and documents only for our Bronze packages)
  • Events calendar with the option to choose from list or grid views and also colour categorise events
  • Calendar sync so parents can pull in school events to their personal calendar on their smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Ability to add pages
  • Website statistics to see which pages your visitors are looking at
  • Text messaging, simply add credits or subscribe
Features and benefits:
  • All the features of our Bronze package, and also:
  • A full website updating system (including pictures, slideshows, videos, sub pages blocks and more)
  • Integration with social media allowing you to push updates on Twitter and Facebook
  • Parent bulk email allowing manual uploading of email addresses
Features and benefits:
  • All the features of our Silver package, and also:
  • Parent bulk email integrated with your existing MIS
  • School booking system
  • Blogging platform
  • Text messaging integrated with your MIS - simply add credits
  • Video resource centre - a personalised channel for your schools to promote and share videos with parents
  • Homepage seasonal effects
Gold Plus
Features and benefits:
  • All the features of our Gold package, and also:
  • Parental mobile app
  • Send messages to individuals and groups for free, with no character limit
  • Replicate your website on the app
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Putting you in control of efficient communications

Our system allows you to be in full control of your communications with minimal time and effort. It allows you to simply decide who, when, what and how your messages get sent, depending on the communication preferences of your stakeholders.

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Reaching parents has never been easier

Our communications packages provide the widest choice of channels to make sure your messages get heard. Whether it’s a message via the app, an email or a text message, it can all be managed with ease. We also provide a parents evening booking system and video resource centre to make your life even easier.

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Instant school communications in their pockets

Save time and money with TheSchoolApp. Reduce your communication costs by messaging individuals or groups through the app. TheSchoolApp is also powered by your website, this allows parents to stay up to date with your latest news and events from their mobile device.

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Why TheSchoolApp is perfect for you

Save time and money with PrimarySite's mobile app.

PrimarySite app screenshot of appstore
It's so easy for parents. They simply download TheSchoolApp from the app store
Stay safe and in control, with the ability to authenticate your users
Save money on SMS subscriptions. Message individuals and groups through the app with no character limit or message charges.
Keep parents informed with all your latest news fed directly from your website
Parents will never miss an event again as your calendar is also linked to TheSchoolApp
TheSchoolApp will automatically update when you amend your website, saving you valuable time