Your latest school information at parents’ fingertips.

Whether you’re sharing news, calendar events or personalised reminders, TheSchoolApp from PrimarySite is an essential communication hub that collates all of your key information in one easy-to-access app.


Communicating with your parents has never been easier or more cost effective.

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    Update your website and app simultaneously.

    Our specifically-designed CMS system automatically updates the information in your app from your website, so you can rest assured that the information is accurate.

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    Free messaging with no character limit.

    Whether you want to send a school-wide reminder or a personal message to a parent, our app messaging feature has no character limit and is a free alternative to costly texts.

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    Key information on your app’s homepage.

    Make sure your parents are always well informed on key events and news, whichever way they prefer to access school’s information.

Why TheSchoolApp is perfect for you

Save time and money with PrimarySite's mobile app.

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It's so easy for parents. They simply download TheSchoolApp from the app store
Stay safe and in control, with the ability to authenticate your users
Save money on SMS subscriptions. Message individuals and groups through the app with no character limit or message charges.
Keep parents informed with all your latest news fed directly from your website
Parents will never miss an event again as your calendar is also linked to TheSchoolApp
TheSchoolApp will automatically update when you amend your website, saving you valuable time

Hear what a customer has to say

  • We would like to thank PrimarySite for their support enabling us to use TheSchoolApp for our messaging service. All information to give to parents was provided by PrimarySite which made the transition easy. The app is user-friendly and we are more than happy with our decision.

    Marie Titterton: School Business Manager - Herringthorpe Infant School


Is TheSchoolApp free for parents to download?

Yes. TheSchoolApp is free to download from both Apple and Android app stores.

Is there a character limit on messages?

No. With TheSchoolApp your message length is completely unlimited.

Do I have to update the app as well as the website?

No. TheSchoolApp is powered by your PrimarySite website. All of your website updates feed through to the app, saving you valuable time.

Can I message individual parents?

Yes. Individual parents can be messaged once you have verified them. This ensures individual messages are completely secure. You can also message groups/clubs and your whole school community.

How many messages can I send each month?

As many as you like. There is no usage cap or fair usage policy.

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