A Home Learning Solution For You

As schools prepare to close on Friday 20th March we know you will be busy preparing home learning resources.

Whether a current PrimarySite customer or looking to join us we can offer you support to

Enhance communications

And enable a home learning solution

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Already With Us? What Can You Do Today?

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    Set Up A Coronavirus Advice Page

    On your website, create a page and publish information relating to:

    School Closures – procedures and information

    Coronavirus – help and information

    DfE Helpline - contact information

    Key Workers and Vulnerable Children Support - information and arrangements

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    Upscale Parent Communications

    Make sure you've got the full set of communication channels covered and prioritise them based on how your parents like to access important information.

    Consider the benefit of adding app personalised messaging to your toolbox. Adding this choice means you won't worry about the volume of messages you're sending or character limits.

    For more information on our Gold+ package, which incorporates app messaging please click here.

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    Use Our Home Learning Solution For Free

    Sign up for our free Home Learning Solution. We will create a dedicated home learning page within your PrimarySite website to house our key tools;

    The Video Centre enables you to easily upload lessons and homework knowing they'll be shown without ads or pop-ups.

    Our Blogging Platform is where children can interact with their teachers, and each other, in a safe and monitored environment.

    Sign up using the contact form below.

Looking To Join Us? What are your options?

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    Our Stand Alone Home Learning Solution

    We will create for you a dedicated, stand alone single page website incorporating our two key home learning tools. You can then either embed a link to this website directly into your current website or if that is not possible you can notify parents and pupils of the home learning website address itself enabling them to access it directly.

    Sign up using the contact form below.

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    A New Website With Our Home Learning Solution

    Coronavirus and the resultant need for school closures means that communications with your parents, and the part your website plays in that, has become even more critical. If your current website provision it struggling to meet the new usage demands you may wish to join us for both a website and home learning tools.

More About Our Home Learning Solution

We offer two tools that will enable home learning . Due to the Coronavirus emergency situation, we are offering these to schools completely free of charge, to give support during this difficult and challenging time. This offer extends to the end of the current academic year, after which you will be asked if you wish to continue to access this service as a chargeable item.

Please see below further information on these two features. If you wish to take advantage of the free offer please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Utilising Our Video Centre

Ensure your pupils continue to receive their lessons from you in a consistent way by making a video recording about the homework and posting it within the learning zone on your website.

The process of adding a video using our Video Centre is highly intuitive and easy and, unlike YouTube, is totally advert free; putting you in greater control of what they are actually watching. There are no size limits and videos taken on a modern mobile device are perfectly suited to the task.

It is our experience that young people are great fans of video, so making use of it in your home learning solution should enhance the effectiveness of your communications and raise engagement levels.

Download the user guide here.

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Using Our Blogging Platform

This 2-way communication tool can be used to set homework and enable your children to interact with teachers and each other in a safe and monitored environment.

Whilst housed within your website it can only be accessed with a user name and password and there is the option to review comments prior to publishing if you wish.

The perfect tool to facilitate independent learning as children and teachers can message and respond to others in any place with Wi-Fi

Download the user guide here.

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Register For Free Home Learning Tools

If you already have a website with us we aim to have the home learning tools set up within 2 working days. You will receive an email with your login details once the tools are live and on your site.

Please note, Due to the anticipated demand for our home learning service, we have identified the need to upscale the infrastructure supporting our blogging service. Over the coming week, whilst we are putting this extra server capacity into place, the service may be intermittent at times. The Video Centre is already optimised for the predicted usage by every one of our 4600 schools and their individual class teachers; you should find it a very reliable service from day 1 of use.