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    So, what is branding?

    Your brand identity (basically, the way you present yourself to the world) is the first thing to consider when looking at your marketing. By designing a logo, developing a colour palette, choosing a typeface and giving some thought to the way these things work together, we will create a visual ‘look’ to differentiate your School or Trust and represent what you stand for. Your brand will be used everywhere (your website, brochures, presentations, signage…) so it’s important to get this just right.

How we develop your brand

To create a brand, we start with a workshop. Sitting down and talking to you about your values, your strengths and your vision for the future helps us to fully understand what your School or Trust is all about. Then it’s our job to turn these insights into designs that really bring you to life.

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What our customers say

  • PrimarySite took the time to understand our organisation, its specific values and objectives. They created a brand and website that really reflects our unique Trust.

    Karen Bevan, Director of Finance and Operations, Avonreach Trust

What you actually get

You will end up with a logo, provided to you as high-resolution files in all the digital formats you might need. It comes with a brand guidelines – a document which sets out how the logo should be used, including exact colours, typeface details and any other design rules that may have been agreed.


What are brand guidelines for?

The purpose of brand guidelines is to provide an ‘official’ way of using your new brand look, to ensure consistency across all your communication. These may be letterheads, PowerPoint presentations, adverts for the local paper, school brochures, etc. It’s a handy reference document for anyone who uses the logo, including teachers, office administrators and graphic designers.


Branding more than one School?

If you are a Trust, you may be looking to develop a brand that can unify several Schools, whilst also maintaining a sense of individuality and autonomy. Or you may wish to collectively brand your Schools to show that they are part of your Trust. Whatever your strategy we can help you communicate effectively.

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    Uniform branding

    Unify your Schools under one consistent brand so that stakeholders instantly recognise you’re part of the same family.

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    Unique branding

    Give Schools autonomy over their brand look and feel, showcasing their unique personalities and approach.

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    Brand isn’t just about how you look; it’s how you communicate in all forms. Establishing the right ‘tone of voice’ (Caring? Dynamic?) will make a huge difference to how you are perceived. We offer a copywriting service to develop key statements as well as full website copy.

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    Infographics combine images, words and often data, to convey a message quickly and clearly. We can develop infographics to be consistent with your brand and bring your important messages to life.

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    Icons are handy design devices which grab the reader’s attention and tie in well with your overall brand identity. We can develop a range of icon styles for you that complement your brand look and help make your in-house designs more appealing.

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