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A picture may paint a thousand words, but video takes things to a whole new level. We all view videos online because they engage us quickly and are easy to watch. A short, well-produced video can bring your School or Trust to life and be a very powerful marketing tool. We can plan, film and edit your videos to ensure you are presented exactly how you want to be seen.

What our customers say

  • Thank you so much to the primary site for producing our Video Tour. We are really pleased with this excellent promotion of our school and feel it captures the spirit of what we are about

    Lisa Davis, Headteacher, Victoria Road Primary School

Three great ways to use your video marketing

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    Show it on your website

    A promotional video can be the star of your site and make an exciting first impression

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    Share it via social media

    From Facebook to LinkedIn, a good video stands a great chance of being watched and shared again and again

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    Lift your presentations

    Include video in your presentations to capture attention and really engage with your audience

Promotional video

A video to showcase your School or Trust will capture the imagination of parents and stakeholders and give a real sense of who you are. We start by planning the storyboard of your video, which may include pupils learning blended with attractive shots of the School environment. Filming will be carried out over half a day, and we then edit this footage, adding music and captions, to create a polished and professional-looking final version.

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Interview-style video

An interview-style video with staff or key stakeholders can be a great way to convey messages about your vision or culture. We help you select people to interview and send pointers on what makes good content, so they are prepared. These videos take a day to film, with interviews in the morning and general Schools footage taken in the afternoon. The finished video can blend interviews and positive testimonials with shots of the Schools to help illustrate the points the interviewees are making.

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