School websites and smart communication services

Website design service
We offer a range of website design services tailored to your budget, timescales and design preferences. Every website comes with our intuitive content management system that is quick and easy to use, so you can update your site with valuable content in no time.
Communication tools
With an automated link to your MIS and the ability to add other contacts manually, you can be in full control of your communications with very little effort and time. Our communication control panel helps you decide who, when, what and how your messages get sent and real-time reporting provides you with critical insights into delivery success.
Parental app
Reach your exact audience quickly and easily with TheSchoolApp. Send group or personalised messages rather than through costly texts or phone calls. If the message is critical the communication control centre can help you to send the same message via multiple communication routes simultaneously with minimal effort.

Why us?

We’re the market leaders in building websites and communications tools for schools all across the UK. We do it because we truly believe in the difference good communications can make to staff, teachers and families.

From our years of experience, we’ve gained a unique understanding of the challenges schools face and have fine-tuned a range of solutions to make school or trust communications as easy as possible.

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    Design satisfaction
    If you’re not 100% happy with your website, you don’t pay.
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    Save time with your communications all in one place
    In 2017, we saved each school 93 hours of website and communications administration.
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    DfE and GDPR compliance support
    We ensure data is secure, and run annual DfE and Ofsted website compliance reviews.

Let's talk about you

We believe that every school deserves a beautiful website that makes them stand out and tells their unique story, we also understand that schools need a website that is affordable and easy to manage. This is why PrimarySite offer:

  • Affordable, stunning, template designs as well as a bespoke design service
  • Email, SMS and mobile app tools that cut admin time and cost
  • A dedicated project manager to work directly with your school
  • A CMS specifically developed with schools to be easy for you to set up and use

To speak to an adviser and find out more complete the form and our team will be in touch shortly.

Get to know us
We are in a unique position to help you create the perfect website and support you to reach your parents and stakeholders with ease. Our founder, Geoff, was precisely in your position and that’s the reason we are here today.
Our work
At schools, imaginations are fuelled and anything becomes possible. We believe every school website should reflect and celebrate the inspiring, exciting and dynamic world of learning.
Contact us
We know you’ll have some questions, so please get in touch.